Studio Policy 
Musical expectations

  • In order for each student to get the most from each lesson, practice in between lessons is essential.  At each lesson you will be given an assignment.  By taking music lessons, you are making the commitment that you will practice and learn what is assigned from week to week.  Assignments will include exercises as well as song practice.
  • It is important that the student bring a recording device and notebook of some sort.  Today, most smart phones have a recording app that will be sufficient.  The recording should be listened to a minimum of one time between each lesson.
  • I understand that my students are very busy with school, work, and other activities.  Therefore, I ask that the student practice 15-20 min each day rather than try to sit down and practice all at once in a cram session before the next lesson.  Some students may feel that they have more time to practice.  If so, practice away.  You can never practice too much.  If the student is not sure how to practice, we can discuss that during the lesson and how to use the recording as a practice tool.  I will also instruct the student in how to integrate practice time into your daily life both formally and informally.
  • Learning to sight-sing and developing basic musicianship are essential skills that will also be covered during lessons.
  • With technology today, most songs accompaniments can be found online for purchase.  I encourage my students to find and purchase accompaniments to their songs to practice with at home.  I also recommend purchasing the “Amazing Slow Downer” app, which can slow down the recordings for learning without altering the pitch.
  • Due to copyright laws, I do encourage purchasing the music your child is working on instead of using copies.  I will assist you in finding what and where to purchase the music.
  • Parents and caregivers my sit in on their child’s lesson as they feel needed.  However, please understand that with some students this may be an unnatural situation.  They are usually not as relaxed and responsive as they are in their regular lesson.  Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss the progress of your son or daughter. 
Performing Opportunities
  • Throughout the school year A Supple Voice studio offers performing opportunities for students who have made sufficient progress and are ready to perform in public.  December offers two opportunities, one is performing Christmas music at a local family Christmas festival and the other is a fundraising event performing at the Palisades Mall as part of the Music Marathon sponsored by Rockland County Music Teacher’s Guild. Opportunities in the spring include, Rockland County Music Teacher’s Guild adjudication festival, and A Supple Voice Studio Recital in late May or early June.  A date will be set for the recital by mid February.
·      Weather Cancellations- Lessons will only be cancelled for extreme weather.  Weather cancellations will be posted on the website or you can call 845-288-2824.

·      “Make-ups” - Registration for individual voice lessons is an agreement between the student and teacher to commit to the scheduled weekly lesson time.  No-shows and same-day cancellations will not be rescheduled.

·      Alternate Lesson Plans-If you are a little under the weather or occasionally have a “too busy” week with little practice time just let me know.  This can be a good opportunity to sight-read new materials, work on music skills (ear training, intervals, music theory, etc), explore styles and artists with listening examples, or talk about any aspects of music or your progress and goals.

·      If you must cancel, please do so within 24 hours of your assigned lesson time.  If you do not call to cancel your lesson, you are considered a no-show and will be charged for the lesson missed. 

·      If you are to cancel, please contact me at the numbers provided to you at your first lesson
·      If I should need to cancel at any time, I will contact you immediately.
  • Should you arrive late for your assigned lesson time, you are still responsible for payment of the full lesson time scheduled.
  • Should I run late, you will either receive your full lesson time as scheduled, or the time missed will be given at another time.  This will be handled on an individual basis depending on scheduling, etc.
Studio Closings
  • 2017-2018 the studio will be closed for the following Holidays
    • Oct 9th Columbus Day
    • Oct 31st Halloween
    • Nov 22, 23, 24 Thanksgiving
    • Dec 18-Jan 1 Christmas Break (Extra and make up lessons can be requested during this time as the schedule allows.)
    • January 15th Martin Luther King Day
    • February 19-25 Winter Break
    • Easter Break students may choose to take a lesson off depending on when their spring break falls.
    • May 28th Memorial Day
  • Fees for students registered for the 2017-2018 full 33-week program include a weekly lesson of which 6 include a live accompanist and all recital fees.  Payment plans are as follows:
    • 60 min lessons
      • One time pay in full $2527.50 (10% discount applies)
      • Two time payment plan $1325.63 due in Sept and again in January (5% discount applies)
      • Nine month payment plan Sept-May $308.33 per month
  • 45 min lessons
    • One time pay in full $1963.20 (10% discount applies)
    • Two time payment plan $1027.80 due in Sept and again in January (5% discount applies)
    • Nine month payment plan Sept-May $238.66 per month
  • Not ready to commit to the full year?  Take a trial lesson and if you do commit to the full year have your trial lesson fee applied to your yearly total.
    • 60 min $75
    • 45 min $56
  • Students who begin late in the school term will have their fees prorated.
  • Adult Lesson Rates
    • 60 min Packages (Must be paid in full on the first lesson to receive discounted rate. Does not include any lessons with live accompanist.)
      • 1 Lesson $75
      • 5 Lessons $350 (5% discount applies)
      • 8 Lessons $550 (8% discount applies)
      • 10 Lessons $675 (10% discount applies)
  • Additional lessons with a live accompanist
    • $25 additional per lesson
  • If, by some chance a check bounces, payment will only be accepted in cash and a returned check fee will apply.
  • If a full 33-week student chooses to discontinue their lessons, notification must be made PRIOR to the first of any month to receive a refund on any future paid tuition.
  • Please make checks payable to SHANNON BOYCE or pay online with Zelle directly from your bank.
  • Referral Discounts-refer a friend for singing lessons and if they decide to sign up for regular lessons, then referee receives a discount on their next lesson.